The Future of Meme Coins: Exploring the BRC-20 Token Standard


The world of cryptocurrency is expanding rapidly, and new developments are being made every day. One of the latest developments is the BRC-20 token standard that allows the creation and transfer of fungible tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain. This means that we now have meme coins on the Bitcoin blockchain, and you can check their prices and volume at In this article, we will discuss how to mint BRC-20 tokens and a .sats domain.

Getting Started

To start, you will need a UniSat wallet, which you can download as a chrome extension at Once you have installed the wallet, create your wallet and select “Taproot” as the address type. Copy the address and send some BTC to it ($20-$50 depending on your usage) from exchanges.

Minting BRC-20 Tokens

Under “In-Progress” on, you will find a list of BRC-20 tokens that are still available for minting. There are two methods to mint BRC-20 tokens. Let’s discuss each of them below:

Method 1: Directly on UniSat (More Expensive)

Here we demonstrate with a “BANK” token, but you can pick any token you like for minting. Click on “Mint Directly” and choose whether you want to repeat the minting process. Each mint will give you 1000 tokens. Select the network fee and pay with your UniSat Wallet. Confirm and you’ll see this in your wallet. It’ll appear as unconfirmed until it gets written in the block.

Method 2: On LooksOrdinal (Cheaper)

Go to and choose “brc-20 mint”. Enter your address, the ticker, amount to mint, and repeat mint count. Choose the feerate and inscribe! You’ll be asked to send some BTC to an address. (1 BTC = 100 million sats, sats to bitcoin calculator here.) Send it from your UniSat wallet and wait for confirmation.

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Buying and Selling BRC-20 Tokens

If you want to buy/sell the tokens, go to You’ll need to have 20 UniSat points (1 action = 1 point) to be able to access the marketplace.

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Getting a .sats Domain

You can also get yourself a .sats domain at


The BRC-20 token standard is a revolutionary development in the world of cryptocurrency, allowing the creation and transfer of fungible tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain. With the ability to mint and trade these tokens, users can now enjoy the benefits of meme coins on the Bitcoin blockchain. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can get started with minting BRC-20 tokens and a .sats domain. So, good luck exploring the BRC-20 world!

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